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The Emotional Capital Report (ECR) provides a valid and reliable measurement of leadership potential based on your EQ. It accurately assesses and quantifies skills across all 10 Emotional Capital competencies. Companies that invest in leadership development skills (like those included in the Emotional Capital framework) have been repeatedly proven to outperform those who do not. According to RocheMartin, more than 100,000 people and 3,500 organisations have used it to assess leadership skills and understand the key areas in which they need to improve. 

Emotional Capital is an advanced evolution of the concept of Emotional Intelligence. It is considered one of the world’s most advanced Emotional Intelligence assessments. It is the toolkit every leader needs to successfully demonstrate their Emotional Intelligence and drive the best possible performance from both themselves and those around them. Emotional Capital is RocheMartin’s proprietary framework for identifying, developing and assessing the essential competencies leaders need in order to demonstrate high levels of Emotional Intelligence.
Emotional Capital is an advanced evolution of the concept Intelligence.

The ECR Self assessment is run online and includes:

A comprehensive interpretation of scores on 10 emotional intelligence skills linked to leadership

A validity scale that measures report accuracy

Narrative descriptions of the leadership behaviours associated with the score

An action plan and personal blueprint for systematically building emotional intelligence

Self-awareness is at the heart of the tool and we have noted how many organisations struggle with group dynamics. This tool helps workers to Build Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Success.


An online assessment is taken by each person. The results are sent to the ECR accredited facilitator for processing.

Each person receives a report that provides them with a comprehensive interpretation of their leadership potential based on their emotional intelligence. The report includes:  a  validity  scale, a global Total Emotional Capital score;  their scores on 10 emotional and social competencies linked to effective leadership, and a detailed exploration of the meaning of their scores.

Each person will have a one- hour online meeting with our in-house accredited coach to discuss the results of the report and their future business/leadership goals & vision.


The Emotional Capital Report (ECR) represents the most recent development in scientific thinking on how to measure and develop Emotional Intelligence. This tool creates a comprehensive report using emotional intelligence score based on 10 leadership competencies using a global scientific measure. We have an in-house Emotional Intelligence Capital facilitator.

Emotional Capital Reports (ECRs) represent an innovation in the measurement of Emotional Intelligence and the building blocks scientifically linked to leadership behaviours. Develop leadership behaviours that drive better performance with the world’s most advanced emotional intelligence assessments.

What is the Emotional Capital Framework?

The behaviours, characteristics and traits that form Emotional Intelligence have been assembled into a unique framework devised by RocheMartin known as Emotional Capital.

Emotional Capital is a leadership philosophy for the 21st century. Today, you and your business are competing on the basis of emotion and imagination. How you attract, retain and motivate your people, how you treat your customers, and how well your company is led are the vital differentiators in business today.” (Dr Martyn Newman, Emotional Intelligence Expert & Chairman, RocheMartin)

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