Learning Vault Platform

Learning Vault Platform

Welcome to The Learning Vault at MONERE. We have been designing, delivering and evaluating learning events for 25 years.
Over the last few years, we realise that the pace of modern business operations makes it difficult to release employees for learning events that are critical to individual, team and organisational success.

What is the Learning Vault? It is a platform that will allow you to access short, useful, snappy learning resources in a way that suits your personal learning preferences and situation.

How does it work? You simply use an email address and password to login. The suffix of your email address will be used by the system to bring you into the industry / sectoral area that best fits your needs. For example, @financialservicescompany.com will bring you into the Financial Services page, @constructioncompany will bring you into the Construction Services content and so on.

For people who prefer to read, we have 5 fresh articles that are sourced and chosen to suit the industry that they are in,
for those who prefer to listen, we have 5 inspiring podcasts that can be listened to while ‘on the go’ and for those who prefer to learn visually, we have a selection of videos that can be accessed.

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