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“Be the brightest light you can be”

Our Graduate Development Programme called the Lamp Graduate Programme is a comprehensive practical course that will give graduates the knowledge and skills to perform in their role and to begin their career with the best possible base. It is so named because of the nascent Management and Leadership skills that it includes so as to allow Graduates to progress themselves as well as using the light from their Lamp as an individual to light the way for others around them.

This programme will give the graduates an opportunity to put key takeaways into action while back ‘on the job’. The competencies acquired in the programme will equip the participants with a solid grounding in Intrapersonal Skills, Interpersonal Skills and will facilitate their further promotion and progress within the organisation.




The aim of the programme is to give the graduates an increased sense of Self Awareness, be able to Communicate Clearly and Confidently, be able to work as part of a High Performing Team understanding the dynamics of working relationships and to understand the significance of Emotional Intelligence and be able to present with impact.


The programme themes have core topics with each topic having key learning points. Learners will be expected to participate in learning before, during and after the programme to encourage maximum transfer of learning. The style will be participative, facilitative and regular activities, discussion and contextualised learning conversations.


During the programme, we host check-in webinar sessions to support and evaluate its progress. We give the graduates access to email and phone support throughout the programme and the graduates Direct Manager is equipped with questions and tools with which to support the graduate back in their role.

Programme Topics

Day 1

Personal Brand and Being Your Best Self

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Day 1


  • Mind, Body and Spirit Awareness
  • Setting personal fulfilment Targets
  • Practicing every day positive Psychology
  • Overcoming Setbacks
  • Developing a personal Brand

Day 2

Communication Skills blank text

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Day 2


  • Mediums of Communication and choosing the right One
  • Communicating with Managers, Peers and Customers
  • Written Communications
  • Adding Emotional Intelligence to your written Communications
  • Dealing with Conflict

Day 3

Being Part of a High-Performance Team

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Day 3


  • Introduction to Team Theory
  • Self-Awareness of Strengths and Weak Areas
  • Creating a collaborative Team Environment
  • Being clear about expectations and supports available for task Progress
  • Serving and Leading your Team
  • Normalising and working through Conflict

Day 4

Presentation Skills (On and Offline)

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Day 4


  • The principles of Presentation Skills
  • Building Relationships when Presenting
  • Funnelling Information Effectively
  • Making a Presentation
  • Practical tips for presenting online and hosting Conference Calls
  • Demonstration – Practical Presentation

Day 5

Time and Task Management

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Day 5


  • Principles of Time Management – Key to increased Performance
  • Managing your own Time
  • Handling Distractions
  • Avoiding Burn Out
  • Flexibility and learning techniques to reduce Anxiety

Our programme encourages inclusion and diversity, and inspires the graduates to make a positive difference in the world


Our programme will give graduates the training and support they need to reach their goals and unlock a future that’s packed with new experiences and opportunities

Graduates who will offer a fresh and innovative perspective, offer solutions and be pro-active in their suggestions and will be skilled and prepared to make a positive impact on your organisation

Working with young adults as they start on their graduate journey, equipping them with the skills required to kick start their career and encouraging and supporting their goals and dreams



What our Clients are Saying

At MONERE, client satisfaction is very important. Therefore, we communicate with our clients on a regular basis and ask for their feedback to identify if we met their training expectations and to see if there are areas we can improve on to better the experience.


MONERE Development Services have delivered the professional skills element of our Graduate programme for the past four years.  The feedback from the graduates and their supervisors alike over the course of the programme from the 4 years has been consistently positive. There is a strong attention to detail and eagerness for feedback from both their trainers and the business as a whole. In addition to delivering the bespoke 5 day programme we also received individualised feedback on all the graduates which we found very useful. I would highly recommend MONERE Development Services as a professional and efficient training company.

Amy Burke

HR Generalist-EMEA


MONERE managed to transition from face to face training delivery into a virtual delivery capacity, while still maintaining a high standard of excellence in all of their training design and delivery. Their trainer used innovative engagement activities, reflections and gamification to develop the skills of our graduates, which allowed us to maintain our graduate programme development in a remote and hybrid environment. MONERE has been an excellent training partner, whom we highly recommend and look forward to working with them again soon.

David Slattery

Global Head of Learning

What the Graduates are saying


While client satisfaction is very important to us here at MONERE, equally is the voice of the learner.


“Day 1 of the programme “Being your best Self” was an invaluable part of my journey on the graduate programme.  Starting a new graduate role in a company is an overwhelming time with meeting lots of people and learning lots of new things.  My personal favourite of the programme was the DISC personality profiling because it made me more aware of the different people I will meet in my professional career and how to approach communication with them. I learnt lots of things that have stuck with me such as the important of EQ and body language in communication. The course has many fun activities that will make you laugh as well as learn a lot, such as various role-play activities and is a great introduction to professional life.

Amy Keenan
Business Analysis Graduate


Our programme is designed to inspire ambitious graduates offering them a world of opportunities. We will accelerate the development of young talent creating your organisations next generation of leaders.

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