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CheckMate Learning Engagement Tool

Welcome to CheckMate at MONERE.

What is CheckMate? It is a post-engagement learning tool that enables a more holistic approach to the absorption of
the learning once a course is completed. From using the tool we get to know how well the programme was received by the learners. It also helps us diver deeper into the courses effectiveness and relevance.

How does it work? At the end of a training programme or course, each participant receives two questions per day (via email)
for a period of days. These questions are based on the content delivered in the course. The participants and the client also receive unique logins to access the platform and monitor progress. CheckMate has clear advantages to ensure learning transfer and accountability on the part of the training team and the participants. It keeps the participants engaged in the learning process after each course is completed.

We evaluate the Return in Investment by generating a report based on learner feedback which is sent to the client.

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