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Harrison Assessments (HATs) was founded in 1990 by Dr. Dan Harrison who holds a Ph.D. in organizational psychology. He founded Harrison Assessment with the goal of using psychology and human resources to help companies optimize the skills of their employees. This is a Psychometric Test that can be used as a diagnostic tool to evaluate potential in a range of competencies including those most important to the specific client.

The assessment tool is based on 30 years of scientifically validated research which identifies that people are three times more productive in jobs where they are engaged in tasks that are aligned to their work preferences and values. HATs is currently used by over 3 million world-wide users and HATs is a multi-award winner of the prestigious ‘Brandon Hall’ award for innovation in Human-Capital Management technology.

Harrisons reliability:

The Harrison twenty five minute Smart Questionnaires are designed to measures 175 factors through engagement of traits and paradoxes. It measures work preferences, interests, strengths and derailers. It does not pigeonhole you into a specific category but instead gives you indicators into your unique personality traits. It is about looking at how you fit within the company.

At MONERE, we offer the Psychometric Testing as part of our services in conjunction with our programmes. This can be used as a diagnostic tool that enables the effective measurement of leadership paradoxes, emotional intelligence, personality, motivation, attitudes, passion for specific jobs, engagement, and retention in a range of competences, behaviours, preferences, and traits.

Once the questionnaire has been completed by the participant, our trainers will review the report and have a one to one with each individual to target gaps and tailor a development plan to the specific needs of the participant.

The Harrison assessments are not pass or fail. The system is programmed to note any inconsistencies, and if these increase over a certain level, you will need to retake the test. Being honest in your responses and thoughtful while considering your answers will help you achieve the best result.

The benefits that our clients have enjoyed from the inclusion of the HATs in their solution include:

  • Efficient workforce training, development and post-training behaviour analysis.
  • Full reports are presented in easy-to-understand language and their output uses a traffic light system (green, amber and red) that identifies development recommendations.
  • A snapshot ‘dashboard’ report (one page synopsis of the longer report) is provided.
  • The Harrison Assessment tool is fully diversity and legally compliant, both externally for employment legislation purposes and according to data protection legislation.

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