Communicating within Intercultural Teams (Evening)


According to recent statistics from the Central Statistics Office, there are over 600,000 non-Irish people living in Ireland. Our workplaces are becoming increasing intercultural. As well, we are seeing a significant increase in collaboration and connecting with worldwide locations due to technological advances and the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, and we are working among different time zones, nations, and expectations. 

There are many benefits of an intercultural workplace; however, these teams also come with certain challenges when it comes to communication and collaboration, which include language, inherent expectations of work, and more.

This 60-minute webinar is for individuals, managers, supervisors and team leads who are working with intercultural teams.  It will give participants a chance to evaluate their own communication styles and those of their team members, and allow for opportunities to consider past challenges and successes in these teams.  It will give strategies for effective communication and will address how to approach the unique opportunities and challenges being faced in the workplace with intercultural teams.

This webinar will also highlight areas of consideration such as how various cultures approach their work day, motivation, core values, holidays, work-life balance and more.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding cross-cultural communication 
  • Consideration of values around working habits, motivation, holidays and time off 
  • Strategies for effective one-on-one and team meetings
  • Addressing communication and cultural differences
  •  Delivering feedback across language and culture for maximum effect



May 31 2021


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm




Unit 5, Carrigeen, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford

(00353) 58 75 000

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