Hosting/Contributing to online Meetings/Events




Course Duration: 1 hour

Course Overview:

Many of us still struggle to host an effective online meeting or to contribute confidently to a meeting. This may be due to a lack of personal confidence or using technology, or maybe a combination of both.
Being able to both host and contribute to meetings or events is a key skill required in our emerging world of work in the aftermath of the pandemic. It is highly unlikely that we will ever see a return to the traditional 9-5, 5 days a week model so the best we can do is upskill ourselves on how to make the best of our new remote-working or hybrid model world.

Course Content:
The topics for this course will include the following:

  • How to Reset Your Mindset for our New World of Work
  • How to Prepare, Participate & be Present at Online Meetings
  • Developing Personal Confidence for Online Meetings


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