On-Demand Training Support Service

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On-Demand Training

Support Service

What kind of support will be offered?

Support will be 1:1 and offered over the phone, with follow-up emails and online conference sessions. It could be, for example, that
someone has an important presentation coming up and need help with the design and practice delivery. It could be a first-time manager struggling to manage performance and get results, or it could be simply someone wanting to know how to
respond to an opportunity such as a promotion interview.

What Problem Will it Solve?

This service is designed in response to the challenge of gaining return on investment for training spend. Rather than training people and waiting for them to have to use the skills.

What sort of topics do you cover?

We cover a wide range of topics for entry level employees, mid-level team members and senior managers which include: Managing a remote Team, Performance Enablement, Presentation Skills, Managing Meetings, Negotiation Skills, Conflict Management, Communication Skills, Personal Wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence.

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